‘The Next Belle De Jour’

24 May

This blog was originally created on another blog site. After about six months I got sick of it, so now i’m here. To maintain a sense of consistency I have copied previous posts into this new wordpress version of ‘…or something.’; ‘…or something.’ 2.0 if you like…

This post was originally filed 11/11/10

So then, this is my blog.

I’ve been meaning to do this for AGES. Even before the dude at the job centre told me the best way into journalism was to ‘start a blog or something…you could be the next Belle De Jour’.

Basically, since joining Twitter i’ve realised i’m far too mouthy and opinionated to fit everything into them tiny little tweets. So instead, i’m going to be pissing all my friends off from now on by tweeting links to this instead. Apart from when X Factor’s on, obviously. Then i’ll be struggling to type fast enough to document my frustration at EVERYTHING LOUIS WALSH SAYS ‘all in real time’.

It’ll be mostly TV and music I’ll be ranting about I imagine, although I may throw a serious post in, just to throw everyone off at some point. I’ll also try and strike a balance between the total amount of negative posts and the total amount of positive ones. For those who require special assistance with skim reading, the postitive ones will undoubtably contain at least one ‘AMAZING’ or ‘BEST THING EVER’ whilst the negative ones will probably climax with an equally intellectual ‘So…there, YOU DICK.’

And that concludes my entirely pointless first blog. Boo and indeed, Ya. 🙂


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