Eleven Seconds of Amazingness

25 May

(Originally posted 25/11/10)

This is the very first The X Factor US teaser trailer. As periods of eleven seconds go, this will be a particularly good one. Just think, the amount of eleven seconds you’ve spent bored staring into space, or sat on the loo, or waited for a bus, or wished your friend would JUST STOP TALKING. Like I said, the following eleven seconds of your life watching this clip will relatively be very good indeed.

Five reasons this clip is worthy of the term ‘amazing’:

1. This clip has premiered ONE YEAR before the bloody show is due to begin.
2. The X is ‘built into’ America. Hence, America has always had ‘The X Factor’ but it has not always had The X Factor. Instead, America has inexplicably funneled its ‘X Factor’ into American Idol for literally twenty thousand series. There are more ‘American Idols’ out there than there are regular people. Anyway, I digress, an A in A Level Media Studies tells me that the fact that this trailer emphasises that The X Factor will be part of America already demonstrates how fucking amazing it will be, even if Americans have no idea what it is yet. You will do Americans, you will do. Plus that bridge ‘X’ is massive, just like…you get the point.
3. The understated white writing. You notice the ‘X’ more then don’t you? You seeeeeeeee….
4. The tiny flash of X Factor sparkle as the text disappears. Us Uk’ens will notice it, but the Americans might not. You will do Americans, you will do.
5. The ‘X’ on Fox lingering right till the end. The X Factor is going to take over Fox.

Considering how ballistically overblown our X Factor is once it reaches full throttle (i.e now), I like that this trailer, again ONE YEAR before the series will begin, is actually quite tepid. S’only gonna get bigger folks and it has 365 days (roughly) to get there. Its going to be HUGE. Imagine the explosions, unneccesary pyrotechnics, bitchy judges, unfair decisions, over enthusiastic crowds, over enthusiastic acts, and over enthusiastic voiceovers of the UK version, then imagine the AMERICANS doing it.


Bring on ‘Fall’ 2011.


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