Lyrical Genius: Part 2

25 May

(Originally posted 22/3/11)

So, I’ve changed the name. As HtwoO once said, ‘Whatcha gonna do?’.

Here’s the next sample of outstanding wordsmanship from the popular music world.

‘If your son doesn’t, I bet your daughter know…’ Tinie Tempah Feat. Labrinth – ‘Pass Out’ As a friend once said to me; ‘It’s sounds like more of a threat than a suggestion’.

‘You can find me on a table full of Vodka and Tequila. Surrounded by some bunnies, and it ain’t fucking Easter.’ Swedish House Mafia vs Tinie Tempah – ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’ Sublime.

‘If you n*ggas are ballin’, then boi I must be Fifa.’ Swedish House Mafia vs Tinie Tempah – ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’

‘She’s a gentle mental, got perversions detrimental’ The Wanted – ‘Let’s Get Ugly’

‘Without any meaning, we’re just skin and bone, like beautiful robots dancing alone’ Girls Aloud – ‘Untouchable’

‘All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If you seek amy’ Britney Spears – ‘If U Seek Amy’ Say it slow…simple, yet effective.

If you wanna handle me now know, wait until the band go play real slow, if you wanna handle me, you gotta keep up,
Can’t dance, no pain, no gain, no show, jumpin to the beat all night don’t roll, if you wanna handle me you gotta keep up’ Girls Aloud – ‘Something Kinda Oooh’ The best example of a Coyle-Roberts GA rap-off from the back catalog.

‘Tryna make the world pay me daily like Carson, my mum says I need to put on weight like Kelly Clarkson’ Tinie Tempah – Illusion

‘Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?’ Tinie Tempah Feat. Labrinth – ‘Frisky’ Yes.


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