Skip-diddy-skip-do the skip-do the skip…

25 May

(Originally posted 16/11/10)

Not my words. But those of former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. This, for those unaquainted, is her new single:

A very good tune, I think you’ll agree.

It’s due for release on 28th November in the UK. ‘But why haven’t I heard it on the radio yet?’ I don’t hear you ask: Well that’s partly due to its distinct lack of promotion so far, which in itself isn’t promising.

If the song was being marketed at all, it’d probably be billed dans le tabloids as ‘Nicole’s Debut Solo Single’. Unfortunately for her, it isn’t. Truth is, Nicole’s tried this solo thing before. And failed. No-one was really interested. And the song (‘Baby Love’) was shit. I’m not even going to bother linking to it. IT WOULD ONLY BE A WASTE OF YOUR TIME.

The thing is, it was quite clear that there was resentment in the sweaty, warbling-with-rappers world of The Pussycat Dolls. Mainly from the ones that didn’t (couldn’t?!) sing, but whichever way, no-one really seemed to care for Nicole. Well that fog of hostility seemed to dissipate slightly after Shertzy made her largely triumphant appearance on The X Factor. She showed a warmth, humour and credibility that actually made me forget Chezza ever perched behind that desk.

So a full-on UK single-cum-album campaign would be a fantastic idea to capitalise upon this appearance (and surely bag that essential make-or-break performance on the omnipresent live shows), surely? So why hasn’t it materialised yet?

As an added bonus Nadine Coyle could only fantasise over, ‘Poison’ is actually a storming, electro-pop, Red-One produced, pop stonker; a great song to assert yourself as a bonafide solo star. There’s something uber-contemporary yet reassuringly nostalgic about it. The Skip-diddy-skip-do-the-skip-do-the-skip…(or something) bit is a particular fave, with something nicely nineties about it.

Plus, the video ain’t bad. It would have been beyond easy to go for a Nicole-as-a-generic-jungle-creature-in-skin-tight-leather theme, accompanied by other not-unattractive-generic-jungle-creatures-in-skin-tight-leather writhing around looking all, I don’t know, poisonous, but instead they’ve gone for the not-entirely-original-but-it’ll-do-for-now, comic book theme.
Red One’s reputation as a producer is unmistakingly awesome. Although his songs can seem a little ‘off the shelf’ when given to the wrong artists, they are nearly always terrific. That said, a Red One track does not in any way guarantee an artist a worldwide, brand-defining smash. Just look at Sugababes’ admittedly brilliant ‘About A Girl’; a song sadly doomed once the ‘Babes’ revolving door shuddered out another revolution and spat out that one off Eurovision.

In short, amazing pop songs require amazing pop stars. Whether Nicole fits this bill at the moment is still up for debate.

If ‘Poison’ is an accurate sample of the direction Nicole aims to take with her solo stuff however, ‘it’s a yes from me.’


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