In Case You Hadn’t Noticed…

7 Jun

…this is great.

The debut single from Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts is quite surprising and quite brilliant.

I think it’s fair to say there was a whispered concensus of ‘Really?!’ in the music world once it was announced Nicola Roberts had nailed herself a solo record deal. Beneath the might of Coyle and Cole, Nicola and Kimberley were easily the overshadowed ones in Girls Aloud.* (Not a bad position to be in when you really think about it.) That said, Nicola has seemingly won the doubters over with this already critically-praised little tune.

If ‘Beat Of My Drum’ is anything to go by, Nicola seems to have  drawn directly from her somewhat ‘niche’ stance in the band – the unique voice; the unique look- and carved herself a nice little path through the reeds of pop. Her debut is very Justice and MGMT whilst holding onto a soulful Gabriella Cilmi-esque growl, except not incredibly dull.

Although the ‘L.O.V.E’ chorus is as addictive as a bag of Walkers Sensations, my favourite part of the song is the rappy verses. Girls Aloud officiandos will be well aware of Nicola’s considerable skills in this area. The most outstanding of which is evident between the 1.08 and 1.15 points here:

Another of Nicola’s best moments is 2.28-2.39 in this:

Anyway, I digress. Nicola’s foray into solo-stardom could come at no better time. Coyle’s solo debut flunked, Cole is at crisis point, Sarah’s had a go but doesn’t seem to really care and Kimbo’s busy presenting and paying Aggro Santos’s rent. It’s a confident debut that resembles nothing in the charts right now, plus Nicola herself falls neatly between the roles of Famous Popstar and Relatable Singer.

The poor girl has had a lot of stick since winning her place in the band but seems to have now, nearly ten years later, toppled her demons. I sincerley hope some of this dark-to-light shines through in her album, which she has copiously co-written don’t-you-know.

Hopefully we really will see ‘how strong [we’ve] made [her] now’.

Oh, and I like her new teeth.

*I haven’t forgotton Sarah. It’s just that everyone knows she was just the shouty one who got drunk a lot.


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