Half a Day Day, Daydaydayday

3 Jul

It’s all gone wrong.

Someone’s stolen an acapella version of your new song, made up their own dance beat, thrown it behind the vocals and leaked it to the net claiming it to be your new single. You panic. You vomit at how awful it is and that the listening masses may think it’s your work. You’re David ‘Sexy Chick’ Guetta. You can’t have this.

To remedy it, you rush-release the proper version, then ring The Pentagon and tell them to electric chair the bastard who caused this mess.

The proper song tops the charts. It all becomes a bit less embarassing. Except you still don’t have a video. That’s embarrassing. And oh bollocks, your song contains two other globally famous artists as well as yourself…

You vomit again. This is never going to work. How are you ever going to round everybody up to make a music video at such short notice?

Two months pass, the song begins to fade away. Christ, you STILL don’t have a video. It’s never going to get made. OH MON DIEU, how embarrassing!

But wait, there may be a solution…



Get everyone to do separate half day shoots and whack it all together with a ropey subplot involving some bubbles and that. Oh and book some models, lots of models. Gotta have the models.



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