Disco Blisters and Not a Letdown

20 Jul

Somebody needs to un’b-side’ this immediately:



As admittedly positive as it is that Nicola Roberts can afford to dump a cracking little tune like this onto a CD Single ‘b-side’, it’s slightly disappointing that ‘Disco Blisters and a Comedown’ will probably never recieve any radio play. Perhaps even Fearne ‘New Music’ Cotton would sacrifice playing a track by ‘The Horrors’ for it once in a blue moon. Actually no, that’s a stupid idea, of course she wouldn’t. SHE IS FAR TOO COOL.

More disappointingly still, the track is less than likely to appear on Nicola’s solo album, Cinderella’s Eyes, due in September. What IS exciting however, is that if such a quirky, danceable discoLOL like ‘Disco Blisters’ is only deemed sufficient enough to serve as an added extra on a CD nobody is going to buy, it begs questions as to what other pop gold Roberts has secreted up her size 6 sleeves.



PS: There’s more than a hint of Pre-Surprise Surprise/Blind Date-back-when-she-used-to-sing-no-really Cilla Black in Nicola’s vocals on ‘Disco Blisters’. It’s like Merseyside lays a Ginger-Singer egg every 40 years. Brilliant.

PPS: Apparently ‘Disco Blisters and a Comedown’ will serve as a UK bonus track on Cinderella’s Eyes after all, rendering this post more or less redundant. Hooray for Wikipedia.




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