This Is Not A Remix. I Repeat, This Is Not A Remix.

28 Jul




…is the new Saturdays’ single; ‘All Fired Up’. That’s right, this is their single, as in radio edit, as in this is the whole balls-out-here-we-go, make available to the masses, single.

It’s a brave and sort of admirable move to completely change an artist’s genre of music, especially when the artist is such a conventionally smiley pop group. This is not a pop/dance record. It is also not a ‘dance-infused’ pop record. It is a dance record.

At the end of the Saturday, The Saturdays are in an uncomfortable position at the moment. Whereas once they were a healthy refreshment from the guitar-laden music scene they emerged from beneath, times have now changed. Pop is everywhere, and has once again become the norm. Therefore, the scene is saturated and therefore only the good (Gaga) and the lucky (Pitbull) thoroughly succeed in breaking through. The Saturdays’ last few singles have not set the charts alight. Instead, The Sats seem to be increasingly churning out singles to satisfy only their exisiting fans needs; to anybody else they are, frankly, unimpressionable.

Hence, ‘All Fired Up’ is such a marked contrast to their previous material. It’s a step into the unknown which may prove either a life-saver or a grave-digger. ‘All Fired Up’ should in theory get them noticed again. However, by changing musical direction so dramatically, (and half way through an album campaign at that), the band risk alienating their previous, surprisingly loyal, fanbase. Radio stations may also stick their preverbial noses up; The Saturdays have provided easy-listening, air-time filling hits for over four years now. ‘All Fired Up’ however, is no ‘Issues’, ‘Higher’, or the admittedly quite brilliant, ‘Up’.

Don’t get me wrong, The Saturdays are not bleeping away on their life-support machine just yet, they could easily twirl out a few more paint-by-numbers radio-friendly singles then slowly disappear off the radar, but a radical change is/was needed to guarantee any form of longevity or brand identity. ‘All Fired Up’, in itself, is catchy, dancey and to many people’s chagrin, very ‘2011’. It remains to be seen however if it is too little, too late for the group.

On a side note- although ‘All Fired Up’ has it’s merits, the song is so infested with big fat lazy cliches that it makes the entire JLS back catalogue sound like a Thomas Hardy novel. The very concept of the song being awarded with its very own ‘Lyric Video’ is pretty much preposterous; flash cards would perhaps have been more appropriate.

Easy to squeal when you’re pissed though…Job done, I guess. 🙂


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