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Scramble the Skycopter!

25 May

(Originally posted 16/11/10)

So Prince William’s marrying that girl. Congrats…or something.

Now I ‘get’ that this is big news, but when Sky, the BBC and ITV are bombarding you with the same five paparazzi photos of the couple on repeat for 3 and a half hours like a regal form of epilepsy, I instantly become tired of this media event 9 months before this thing could actually happen.

Unfortunately, I was at the gym whilst this monumental news broke and I was trapped on a rowing machine for twenty minutes facing an enormous and inconveniently subtitled Sky News. It was like a brainwashing scene off of Torchwood.

Sky News’ response to the news of a royal engagement was to scramble the ‘SKYCOPTER’ (NOW IN HD!) to hover over Buckingham Palace, beaming anonymous aerial pictures as a televisual screensaver whilst Mrs. RaRa Howard-Clarke-Dean, (you know, the famous royal journalist off of that famous royal magazine. Yeah, that one that’s usually covering up the front of Nuts) is on the phone vomiting her opinions everywhere. Sorry, but what is this (assumingly) quite expensive tracking shot adding to this story? The only thing I learned extra from today’s escapade aboard the SKYCOPTER was that Buckingham Palace is still where it was yesterday.

That said, I love Sky News. It’s like X Factor without having to listen to anyone sing.